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Client: New Addington Council
Status: Published
Services: Research | Urban Design

Village Green proposes several ideas about how to construct transient social structures for a high quality public space which evolve with community needs. The proposal embraces Walter Segal’s concept of self-build and looksextensively at the collaborative process, linking the community with a vast network of charity and government organisations through a continual building process.

The proposal is built around the idea of ultra-adaptable bits of city infrastructure, combining old-fashioned concepts like open air markets and the village green with smart,modern thinking regarding modular structures. It also focuses on the use of sustainable materials most significantly, the concept of adaptability in public space as central to the longevity of the built environment.

This project was published in 'Adaptable Architecture: Theory and Practice' in 2016.

New Addington Village Green

South London, UK

Urban Design
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