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Client: Lagos
Status: Published
Services: Research | Architectural Design

Fragmented elements of the city can be integrated with one another around shared resources such as water through responsive infrastructures that also generate public spaces and possess a layered and hybrid functionality. The project is sited beside the Lagos Lagoon as an interface with the communities of stilted dwellings along the water edge. 

By exposing the hydrological metabolism of the community and relating it to the wider city though the design of a fish-market and waterside wetlands park the community can be brought into a closer contact with its surrounding context becoming a place where urban stakeholders across the economic spectrum are able to participate and interact; a moment of new symbolic meaning. Moreover, in confronting issues of sanitation: access to clean water and the treatment of waste water the project also consider how a new embedded small-scale network for the distribution and treatment of clean water can be integrated into existing conditions and initiating a productive relationship with other programs.

Hydrological Centre

Yaba, Lagos

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