Our Services

We are a multidisciplinary design studio; find a description of our services below.


We provide full architectural design for projects in all sectors, including residential, commercial, institutional, civic and cultural buildings.

We are capable of working on new builds, extensions or renovations and our service is from concept to completion.

Interior Design

We provide interior architecture and interior design services for new projects and renovations including custom furniture, joinery and lighting design.

Urban Design

We also work at larger scales; taking a research and information driven approach we design innovative solutions for the neighborhood, estate or urban district.

Project Management

We can put together your team, design your brief, advise on budget and structure your project for a timely and cost effective delivery process.

Research & Development

We participate in and embark on research and publications around topics related to city creation, architectural innovation, sustainability and material fabrication processes.

Project Stages:

The typical project will go through 5 stages:

STAGE 0 -   Briefing & Pre-Design Analyses
STAGE 1 -    Concept Design
STAGE 2 -   Developed Design
STAGE 3 -   Detailed Design
STAGE 4 -   Construction Administration
STAGE 5 -   Handover & Close-Out

Process & Approach

Our process is inquisitive and concept-driven. We look for solutions that directly confront the challenges of each brief, seeking to unlock hidden value through all stages of the project.

We are client-centered, inclusive and collaborative in our approach, working closely with other designers, consultants and clients every step of the way.

We respect the need for buildings to respond to their context, to stand the test of time, to be environmentally sustainable and to continually inspire, delight and engage us.

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