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Client: Private
Status: Under Construction
Services: Architectural Design | Project Management

BAMBU is a 6-bedroom, luxury beach house and private club situated on the coast of Ilashe in Lagos. The building has been designed with a contemporary and sophisticated architecture of simplicity, and minimalism while being subtly evocative of the Mediterranean Islands, as our client requested.

Simple blocks of masses were used to generate the building form and structure. The house is oriented towards the south, facing the Atlantic ocean, with extensive canopy, recessed glazing and hanging plants along the balustrade to protect the interiors from the direct heat and sunlight coming from east and west. We designed the house with open spaces which connect directly to the exterior allowing natural cross-ventilation in the living spaces and bedrooms as well as natural lighting, minimizing energy usage and the need for air-conditioning.

The material palette is extremely simple for reasons of sustainability as well as ease of maintenance: rendered cement, polished concrete, and indigenous woods.


Ilashe, Lagos

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