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Client: N/A
Status: Published
Services: Research | Architectural Design

The high rise multi-storey building is a distinctly American invention, the result of increasing land values in cities, an abundance of iron ore and Elisha Oti’s invention of the elevator. In ‘The Tall Office Building Artistically Considered’ Louis Sullivan argues for an approach to high rise buildings that concerns appearance with pragmatism, architectural and architectonic qualities and technical performance. 

This project takes an old wharf-side warehouse building in Boston, Massachusetts and re-purposes it for residential living. Large duplex apartment units are created within the old shell while studio apartment units occupy a new extension which is grafted, or stitched vertically on top of the old. The freight elevator locations of the original structure are found around the perimeter allowing heavy goods to be loaded directly from the street and river; these now form the main points of vertical extension and drive the plan of the new structure.

Emphasis has been placed on the atmosphere of the building, how it may be approached from the street, how a believable and comfortable set of interior spaces is created, volumes are expressed and facade designed.

High-Rise | High-Density

Boston, Massachusetts

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