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Client: Private
Collaborator: TOKITU Studio (Bilbao, Spain)
Status: Under Construction
Services: Architecture & Project Management

This project, designed in collaboration with TOKITU Studio (Bilbao, Spain), is a large private residence in Ilorin accommodating several user groups: intimate family, extended family, temporary guests and staff along with a private mosque.

Central to the concept of the house was an attempt to break away from the typical luxury villa arrangement of house surrounded by garden; setting up a distance between interior and exterior. Instead, the project brings landscape to the centre with the building enfolding and defining a series of courtyard which serve different functions. There is a formal entrance courtyard, an informal courtyard which provides discreet access to the house and a swimming pool and garden courtyard. Each courtyard is treated individually with its own landscape concept. Water; seen, felt and heard helps to create a cool and fragrant microclimate in each of these exterior space.

Plantation Road

Ilorin, Kwara State

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