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Client: Private
Status: Under Construction
Services: Architecture, Landscape, Project Management

The project is a private beach house designed for a young client seeking a retreat from the city in order to enjoy the coast with family and friends. The 3-bedroom house sits on an expansive 6,000 sqm site populated by over 75 mature coconut palm trees. The new building is positioned to nestle comfortably among the existing trees without the need to disturb them.

Central to the concept of the project is a symmetrical plan and massing which fans out at an angle and opens towards the southern, ocean-facing side to give every space a clear view of the water and strikingly transparent views from north to south.

The selected finishes are kept simple; concrete construction accented by hand-woven rope screens, timber decking and recycled, mosaic tile flooring on a screed bed intermixed with sea-shells which will be excavated from the site during the construction process.

Ishahayi Beach

Ishahayi, Lagos

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